Interpretation of tariffs

The prices shown are per apartment and day. VAT included 10%. mimar gestión hotelera preserves the rights to change prices / dates and service without prior notice.

Data privacy

Your personal data will be treated in accordance with the data protection law, and in no case will be transferred to third parties for any kind of commercial or other action.

Cancellation policies

30% of the total amount will be charged when making the reservation.

The balance will be charged:

mimar villa altea - 30 days before arrival.
mimar urban altea altea remedi - 15 days before arrival.
mimar urban altea studio- 15 days before arrival.
finalbir by mimar - 30 days before arrival.

In case of cancellation, the charged amount is considered a cancellation fee.

Cancellation policies for direct discounted GROUP BOOKINGS and Long stays (31+ and 91+ nights):

The amount charged will be kept as a cancellation fee.
The remaining amount is charged 30 days before the date of entry.
Please note that trips with special promotional rates they often have terms like NON-refundable, that means, the amount will be non-refundable if canceled after the stay has been paid.

Special requests will be taken into consideration and we always try to satisfy those wishes, but there is no guarantee or right to claim compensation if this is not fulfilled.

WIFI and Sat TV

Access to our wifi services and satellite TV is permitted on a temporary basis and we reserve the right to withdraw or amend the wifi services and satellite tv without notice including suspending access for maintenance for any reason.
The company will not make any refunds for trouble with free of charge services such as internet and TV channels.


We understand that your pet is also part of your family and that is why we welcome it to all of our complexes. But, in consideration for allergy sufferers, we have to charge an additional cost of:

mimar villa altea - 60 €.
mimar urban altea remedi - 60 €.
finaalbir by mimar - 60 €.
mimar urban altea studio - 30 €.


The guest must give an authorisation to the company to a bond a security deposit of:

mimar villa altea - 1000 €.
mimar urban altea remedi - 500 €.
mimar urban altea studio - 300 €.
finalbir by mimar - 400 €.

for which will be refunded in full on departure, unless there is any kind of damage.


The check-in is after:

mimar villa altea - 16:00.
mimar urban altea remedi - 16:00.
mimar urban altea studio - 15:00.
finalbir by mimar - 15:00.

The departure is at 11:00 AM.

The houses are disinfected using an OZONE machine and the maximum time is needed for the preparation.

Maximum number of occupants

If the number of people staying is higher than that established in the reservation, the immediate expulsion will occur without the right to reimbursement of the amount of the reservation.
To cancel your stay please contact info@mimarspain.com and provide your reservation number.
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