Apartments Bike Friendly

In mimar gestión hotelera, we are committed to sports, and in some of our properties, we have the necessary equipment so that amateurs and cycling professionals can combine long sessions of cycling in El Albir and / or cycling in Altea with relax and rest. In fact, there are more and more lovers of cycling in Alicante, who choose us every year to enjoy the rental villas and apartments on the Costa Blanca more adapted to their needs. That is why we have become part of the Bike Friendly family.

Therefore, if cycling is what you like and you are looking for rental villas and apartments for cyclists, mimar gestión hotelera is your ideal place.

Rental Villas and Apartments Bike Friendly in El Albir / Rental Villas and Apartments Bike Friendly in Altea

Although our rental villa in Altea, mimar villa altea, and our rental town house in Altea, mimar urban altea are completely suitable for cyclist accommodation in Alicante, our rental apartments in El Albir are officially consolidated since 2019 with the stamp of Bike Friendly accommodations in El Albir.

It is a way to offer quality assurance to those bike lovers of our complete adaptation to their needs. And it is that both in terms of the comfort required in these cases, in terms of an environment that always calls for cycling and the more technical aspect, we also offer the necessary space for the storage, tuning and maintenance of bicycles . But being Bike Briendly in Alicante does not only mean that we have these characteristics, also that they have given us a seal of quality for being the 100% accommodations in El Albir for cyclists.

Cycling routes in Altea / Cycling routes in El Albir / Cycling routes in Benidorm

In addition to an exceptional climate with more than 300 sunny days per year, our environment offers more than ideal roads for cycling on the Costa Blanca. Unique scenarios around the sea that also put at your disposal with the best mountain routes for cyclists in Alicante, especially in the region of the Marina Baixa, whereby the cycling trip to Spain usually has an outstanding section with stop or step in Benidorm . In fact, we are going to show you the most recommended and the most popular cycling routes in Altea and El Albir. We are talking about itineraries with different levels of difficulty and with varied routes, always perfect to combine at any time of the year.

1. Cycling route El Albir-La Olla Beach

It consists of a fun journey of 17.59 kilometers, which starts a few meters from our accommodations in the Albir around the maritime zone, which runs through both locations to reach the popular La Olla beach in Altea. A varied and fun itinerary of low difficulty that is among the most popular of the cycling routes in Alicante.

2. El Albir-Callosa d'en Sarrià Cycling Route

113.74 km route also considered among the most popular for the beautiful route of its itinerary, in addition to its considerable hardness and its high ascent. For these and other reasons, this itinersy is included among the most popular cycling routes in Alicante. The starting point takes place around El Albir beach, leaving in the direction of Sella, passing through Sella, Port de Tudons, Alcoletxa, Penaguilla, Benollova and Benasau with descent to the popular city of the loquat, Callosa d'en Sarrià, from where it will continue until Altea and will culminate with its return to El Albir.

It is a complex and long route, so we recommend to leave very early, especially if it is going to take place in summer months.

3. Cycling route El Albir - Guadalest

Considered difficult because of its long way up, it is shorter than the previous one. Even so, it is also among the most famous cycling routes on the Costa Blanca, which offers the cyclist a beautiful panorama along the roads of the region, interspersed with exceptional views between the sea and the mountains. There are 60 kilometers of section that find their midpoint in the beautiful and picturesque town of Guadalest, from where it begind the descent to El Albir.

4. Altea Cycling Route - Calpe

In this case, it is a route of moderate difficulty, which becomes more complicated after crossing the city of Altea and starting a slight ascent to Calpe and passing through the popular hill that intersects the Marina Alta of the Marina Baja of Alicante, Coll de Rates. This is an 80-kilometer route that every cyclist takes when deciding to visit the Costa Blanca, and which stands out especially for its beautiful sea views from the road.

5. Cycling route El Albir - Coll de Ares

We are facing a complicated route of 100 kilometers that begins its ascent on the beach of El Albir to reach the famous Alicante hill of Ares. Although it is especially popular among the usual cyclists of the Marina Baixa, its route is increasingly traveled by visitors from different backgrounds, especially from the Nordic countries and from the center of Europe, where a high number of reservations comes to us every year.

6. El Albir Cycling Route - Benidorm

The road from El Albir to Benidorm is simple, moderate and at the same time very pleasant. That is why people of different ages and of different physical fitness carry it out. With its intermediate point in the center of Benidorm, we are facing an itinerary of about 8 kilometers per coast, which is also very common to carry out in Sunday morning sessions at any time of the year.

7. Cycling Route El Albir - Villajoyosa

37 kilometers of moderate route that departs from El Albir in the direction of the city of chocolate, where the most popular festival of Moors and Christians in Villajoyosa takes place, especially highlighted by the popular Landing of Villajoyosa - the famous Desembarco en Villlajoyosa -. Being a non-excessive itinerary in terms of slopes, although passing through Finestrat, the return to Albir is equally bearable and fun, forming a route between three of the most representative coastal points of the Alicante Costa Blanca.

8. Cycling Route El Albir -Alto Confrides

Very similar to itinerary 2, it would be (something like) its reduced and simpler version. Even so, it is still an itinerary of 100 kilometers with important climbs, which after reaching the highest point of Confrides in Alicante, begins its descent to El Castell de Guadalest to return by Altea to El Albir.

9. Marina Baixa Cycling Route

Tour the most prominent points of the region, except in this case, Benidorm. The route would depart from El Albir, crossing Altea and Altea La Vella with direct destination to Callosa d'en Sarrià, and descending by an alternative road that would cross the towns of Polop, La Nucía and Alfaz del Pi until reaching Altea again.

10. Circular Cycling Route Altea - Guadalest - Benidorm

Medium difficulty route that makes up the circle formed by Altea, Guadalest and the small European city of skyscrapers. We are talking about 70 kilometers of intense route, with a fun and panoramic descent to Benidorm which concludes in Altea or El Albir.

11. Cycling route antennas Albir

Peculiar itinerary which has an intense route to the popular area of ​​the antennas in El Albir, to descend in a balloon. A fun tribute of only 6 kilometers, in which in addition to having a good time, you will offer an extraordinary tribute to your eyes for its spectacular views, both on land and in air.

12. Cycling route El Albir - Alfaz del Pi - Altea

Moderate route that usually starts from El Albir towards its capital loicality, Alfaz del Pi, considered the cinema of the city in Alicante. The descent is carried out by Altea to return to the beach of El Albir below. Itinerary of 20 kilometers that also combines sea with interior, and that is very common to be done daily by tourists, as well as by the same cyclists in the area.

13. Altea - Tudons - Finestrat Cycling Route

This is another of the toughest cycling routes in Alicante, which leaves from Altea or El Albir in the direction of Pego, also passing through the emblematic Gallinera Valley, Patró, Gorga, Alcolecha and Tudons, reaching Finestrat and culminating again with its descent to the altean sea. 150 kilometers of route, but the adrenaline rush, you will find that it is unforgettable if you dare to travel it.

14. Altea Cycling Route - Guadalest Dam - Castell de Guadalest

In this case you will take a tour that will end with a wide stretch in the historic cultural Guadalest, visiting both the town and the surroundings of its popular swamp. It is a moderate itinerary of 65 kilometers, but something hard in its ascent stage.

15. Cycling route El Albir - Benasau

Complex route that starts from El Albir or Altea, and that reaches the symbolic town of Banasau, halfway between Callosa d'en Sarrià and Alcoy. In this cultivated and deserved itinerary you will meet one of the simplest villages in the Alicante region, which is at the same time a reflection of its long and rich history, also housing the most representative and historic laundry in the province of Alicante.

16. Cycling route El Albir - Tárbena

We are facing one of the toughest cycling routes in Alicante, which starts from the beach of El Albir or Altea and reaches Tárbena, where the highest path of the complicated ascent route is located. The descent can be carried out in the direction of La Nucía / Benidorm, or by taking an alternative route through Callosa to Altea La Vella. The length of the route is about 33 kilometers, depending on the starting point.

17. Cycling Route El Albir - Guadalest - Callosa d'en Sarrià

Beautiful itinerary that runs through the surroundings of Guadalest and its nearby city of Callosa. As in the previous case, it can be varied with different sections for the ascent and descent to Altea or El Albir. This is a medium difficulty route, and has about 65 kilometers of travel.

18. El Albir Lighthouse Cycling Route

It is a simple route to the highest point of El Albir, where its emblematic lighthouse safeguards the entire town, and where access to the symbolic Sierra Helada has an endearing path. About 2.5 kilometers of route that you can combine perfectly with the occasional stop between their snacks, their relaxing coves and their popular Ocre mine in El Albir.

19. Cycle Route Paseo de El Albir - Altea

A very smooth route around the beach, which starts from the popular Paseo de las Estrellas in El Albir, crossing its entire promenade until it joins with Altea. A pleasant and completely flat walk that reaches 19 kilometers.